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Professional Services

Supporting you at every step of the process

Implementing an ERP system for your business is a big decision, with ramifications for both the short-term and long–term success of the enterprise. We understand this and have developed a proprietary process we call 5CTM informed by our years of experience in ERP to help guide you through selecting the right ERP, integrating it into your business and supporting you as the system - and your business - grows.

When you contact Cloud Business Solutions, we'll take the time to listen to you and understand your requirements. During these conversations, we will explore the challenges the business is facing and identify how an ERP system will help. We'll take you through the pros and cons of individual ERP systems, such as NetSuite, IFS and MS Dynamics, to help you make the right choice.

To help you make the right decision, we'll deliver a demonstration of our recommended ERP system, customised to your business and designed to illustrate exactly how the finished ERP will integrate with your business, to ensure you're absolutely comfortable with the solution – and us!

“Refreshingly, Cloud Business Solutions listened to our requirements and spent considerable time to understand our needs. They provided us with an ‘honest broker’ approach outlining the strengths and weaknesses of various ERP systems, before making their final recommendation, backed up with a compelling business case.”
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The 5CTM Implementation Process

Once the decision has been made to implement an ERP for your business, we invoke our 5CTM implementation process, which is the result of our years of learning and experience in delivering successful ERP systems for businesses both large and small. It provides an organised and process driven approach to integrating an ERP into your organisation, which ensures best results, as well as time and cost savings. It's a process that we've designed around what we would want if we were a customer looking for an ERP system and a provider to implement it.


We start every project with a consultancy stage which allows us to understand the size and scope of the change management process in relation to the maturity of your business and the market in which it operates. Next, we complete a comprehensive review of your business model to ensure every part of your process are in line with a best practice approach. This provides us with a full understanding of how the ERP needs to integrate into your business and the volume of integration and customisation work that will be required, so we offer the correct level of support at every step of the way. Read more about Consultancy.


Once we understand your exact requirements and how much of a transformation the project will be for your organisation, we begin the configuration of the ERP system. This involves configuring the system to map your business model inside the ERP system that is the best fit for your business. Read more about Configuration.


As no two organisations are alike, we will usually need to undertake development work to create new or extended functionality for your ERP, customising the system to your exact needs and extending its capabilities in line with your unique business model. We will develop a roadmap for customisation before go live or after launch if you choose our Partner care programme. Read more about Customisation.


Once the implementation and development work for your ERP system is completed and before the system goes live, we’ll design and run a coaching programme for your key people. This coaching takes place in a sandbox environment as part of our customer acceptance testing procedures, enabling your team to affirm that the system is ready for go-live.

On the day of launch, we will be on-site to make sure the deployment to the live system is as seamless as possible, with any hiccups being handled by both our on-site and back-office specialists. Read more about Coaching.

Care Programme

Once launched, we support your new ERP system with our world class care programme, to make sure you get the most out of your investment. There are several tiers available, to suit your requirements. Read more about our Care Programmes.

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Clients & Case Studies

Cloud Business Solutions has helped transform many businesses with an ERP solution. Discover more about how we have helped them to succeed.



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To find out more or to request a demonstration of an ERP system at work, please contact us.