Care Programmes

Care Programmes

Our care programmes ensure you are supported every step of the way

We offer a range of care programmes that will suit different businesses dependent on their business needs and growth plans. Once a project goes live, you’ll be assigned a support team who will work with you to design a development roadmap tailored to your individual requirements. Whichever care programme you choose, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience we have amassed over 15 years of delivering ERP success.

Care Programme Essential Advisor Partner SCA Partner
Technical support
Ongoing coaching  
Apps & enhancements ecosystem    
SuiteCommerce Advanced      

Essential care programme

Our Essential care programme is entry level and great for teams who are new to ERP and do not have an in-house administrator. This programme provides customers with a dedicated help-desk to assist with any day-to-day user enquiries and issues that may arise and technical support providing essential maintenance to ensure your ERP system receives the latest software updates and enhancements, as well as any security upgrades and patches which the ERP vendor may release.

Advisor care programme

The Advisor care programme gives you all the benefits of Essential with the addition of unlimited coaching and consultancy support, providing access to our business analysts.

The Advisor care programme is ideal for ambitious teams looking at learning the system quickly with our learn-as-you-go approach. This is ideal for on-boarding new starters or providing refresher courses to existing staff. Consultancy support gives you access to our business analysts who provide business insights and advice to help you maximise the advantages that an ERP brings to the business.

With the Advisor care programme, our clients benefit from our long experience and expertise in enterprise resource planning to help them unlock even more competitive advantage from their ERP system.

Partner / SCA Partner care programme

Our Partner care programme is perfect for companies who plan on rapidly developing and extending their ERP system as the business grows. Our Partner care programme is way beyond support, offering ongoing consultancy and development resources where our business analysts and software development teams become an extension of your business.

You will also benefit from unlimited access to our entire ecosystem of NetSuite Extensions and Apps including Dynamic Formula, Dynamic Recipe, User Portal and PayNow, as well as any new ones that we develop in the future. This will be particularly attractive to customers who make use of our software ecosystem, as the Partner care programme covers everything.

Customers that have NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced as part of their ERP solution, will wish to choose our SCA Partner care programme as it provides all the benefits of the Partner care programme together with the specialised support that SuiteCommerce demands.

With our Partner care programme in place, as your organisation grows, so does your ERP solution.

Supported every step of the way

“It’s only when you need it that you realise the true value of any support programme and Cloud Business Solutions’ support is outstanding. The ease of reporting our issue, the turnaround of a solution and the communication throughout was second to none.”
- Welding Alloys Group

Whichever care programme you choose, you can be assured of great service, fast response times and regular updates from our support team based in our UK office. You’ll always be kept informed of the status of your support case, the actions being taken and an estimated time that any issue will be resolved. All of this is designed to ensure that we manage our customer’s expectations, communicate with honesty and integrity and allow you to know exactly what is happening with your case.

It is all part of our total commitment to ensure our customers are supported every step of the way.

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