We will tailor your ERP to your exact needs and extend its capabilities with our Certified Apps

No two businesses are alike, and it follows that no two ERP systems are alike either, so we will usually need to undertake development work to create new or extended functionality for your ERP system.

Our development process is built around software engineering best practice. We employ a team of business process engineers, software engineers and specialist developers who work together to specify, architect and build new features and extensions for your ERP system.

We employ an agile development process that breaks down development tasks into a series of sprints undertaken by specialist teams to rapidly prototype, develop and test new functionality. Once development is completed, this new functionality is added to the software core.

Our detailed Quality Assurance processes ensure that the core ERP system is thoroughly tested and hardened to be reliable, stable and robust.

A library of extensions for your ERP

We have a whole library of extensions for ERP systems, and particularly for the NetSuite ERP, that we have developed over years of implementing ERP systems for our clients. These extend and enhance the functionality of an ERP and, where they are generic in nature, they are available to enhance any new ERP implementation that we undertake, providing significant development time and cost savings.

All of our clients benefit from new extensions as we develop them, as they become available for them to add to their ERP system via our unique Aftercare Support programme.

Best Practice

Our development process employs software engineering best practices

Specialist Teams

We employ specialist developers with years of ERP experience

Quality Assured

Rigorous QA ensures a robust solution

Library of Extensions

Our clients benefit from new extensions as we develop them

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