Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support

Our support plans ensure you gain ongoing value from your investment

Once your ERP system is integrated and running, we offer a range of Aftercare support options that we have carefully developed to offer the right kind of support for our customers’ needs. And unlike other typical support contracts, we truly believe in benefitting our customers by providing direct access to all of the knowledge and wisdom that we have amassed.

There are four different Aftercare support tiers that you can choose from, with options that also provide you free access to all of our ERP software and extensions.

Bronze Aftercare

Our Bronze Aftercare support provides you with the essential support that an ERP system will require. This level of support provides you with a helpdesk to assist with any day-to-day user queries and a maintenance programme that ensures that your ERP system is kept up-to-date with all of the latest updates and security upgrades which the ERP vendor may release, ensuring your system runs smoothly and problem free.

Silver Aftercare

For organisations that require more than the essentials, we offer our Silver Aftercare support which also covers any ongoing or refresher training that you may require for the duration of the support contract.

In addition, this option also provides Consultancy, which gives you access to our Business Analysts who can provide additional insights to help you maximise the advantages that an ERP can bring. With Silver Aftercare, you can really benefit from our long experience and expertise in ERP to help you unlock even more competitive advantage from your ERP system.

Gold Aftercare

If you are planning on developing and extending your ERP system as your business grows, choosing our Gold Aftercare support option includes all of the benefits of our Trusted Advisor support together with free access to our library of existing ERP enhancements and any new ones that we develop in the future.  

This Aftercare support tier provides ongoing access to the skills and experience of our Business Analyst teams and our Software Development teams, so as your organisation grows and processes evolve, so can your ERP solution.

SCA Gold Aftercare

Our SCA Gold Aftercare support is for our customers that have NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced as part of their ERP system. It provides all of the benefits and enhancements of our Gold Aftercare, and in addition provides the specialised Aftercare support that SuiteCommerce demands.

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