Dynamic Formula For NetSuite

Dynamic Formula for NetSuite

Streamline your blend management

Developing new product formulas and running the formulation management process provides manufacturer’s research and development teams with a whole host of challenges. Until now, ERP systems have been used to manage some elements of the product lifecycle, but blend management has been handed off to a separate specialist application. Dynamic Formula for NetSuite changes that.

Introducing Dynamic Formula for Netsuite

Dynamic Formula for NetSuite allows you to take an existing formula-driven production order, adjust the components and quantity, and save it. Whilst that’s extremely simplistic, it helps you understand the possibilities of the app.

Native formulation management within your ERP

You can now fully utilise formulation management within your NetSuite ERP system, aligning it with your other business processes and so gain the competitive advantage of having all your systems in one place, working together.

When your formulation management is properly implemented it helps you to develop better products faster, reduces the complexity of development, improves quality control and reduces overall risk.

Dynamic Formula for NetSuite has been developed to meet the specific needs of manufacturers where tolerances are low and quality standards are high. It offers a powerful, flexible and dependable solution for formulation management.

Increases financial efficiency

Improves financial efficiencies by using lot-specific costs for components, based on exact landed costs. This data is then used to calculate the precise cost of the batch you are manufacturing in real-time.

Guarantees product consistency

Allows you to analyse the composition of specific components and compares them against the formula for the final product, ensuring product consistency.

Calculates production capacity

Determines the manufacturing capacity of your product based upon the component quantities in the formula and the stock availability of components.

Ensures manufacturing consistency

Guarantee the specification and quality of manufacture by allowing you to specify specific lots to be used in your formula.

Improved R&D efficiencies

Run simulations of your formula, save it for later, and create new formulas and variants, without having to access external systems, all whilst providing exact real-time costing of your finished product, greatly increasing the efficiency of your R&D efforts.

Total flexibility in use

Being a native NetSuite App, no specialist hardware or software is needed to use Dynamic Formula – all you need is a browser and a NetSuite login!


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