The complete Franchise solution for all your Franchisee and Franchisor needs.

Running a Franchise successfully is a BIG challenge…getting each Franchisee trained, confident and then performing to the expected level is tough. From Marketing to Sales, Fulfilment to Finance, not to mention Customer Service, it’s a constant test.

And if that wasn’t enough, each Franchisee's needs are different… different backgrounds, different jobs, different experience, different education, even different drive… making optimising Franchisee performance even more demanding.

Add in the complications of learning Multiple systems for Marketing, Sales, Finance, Customer Service AND how to deliver the Franchise Product / Service to the exacting standards demanded…It's not for the faint hearted!

That’s where we can help…

NetFranchise is a single system managing every aspect of your Franchisee's Business, from Lead to Cash… with powerful built-in reporting to guide the way.

One system gives you a "Single Version of the Truth" about what your Franchisees are ACTUALLY doing, which makes optimising Franchisee performance simple.

And with only one system to learn, Training takes half the time, Support is reduced and easy to deliver remotely.

But best of all, NetFranchise allows deep comparison between Franchisees at the touch of a button, providing insight, making Network optimisation a pleasure.


Pricing for our Apps is dependent on you having an active Aftercare Contract with us.
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