CRM QuickView For NetSuite

Supercharge Your Sales With CRM QuickView For NetSuite!

Have you been using NetSuite's sophisticated CRM and ERP functionalities, only to be bogged down in reporting on what your Sales Team are doing?

Do you get frustrated that you can't get the key performance indicators you need at a customer level?

Well - you are NOT alone!

What have you done!?

Good question! Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a very trusting sales manager. This sales manager believed everything his sales team was telling him, but there was something just not quite right...They were on the telephone all the time, they were sending emails, they were being busy...but the number of orders wasn't changing, and there were no new leads coming in.

What does this have to do with you?

Well, our PS team received a call from the trusting sales manager who asked if we could devise a way of reporting on what activities were assigned to a given customer, and if there were any follow up actions...this led to the creation of CRM QuickView for NetSuite!

Complete Overview of your Customer Touch Points

CRM QuickView for NetSuite gives you instant figures and statistics right on your Customer Record! No longer do you have to run reports to see when the last Phone Call was made, when the next Event is planned for, or if there was even a follow up Email sent - CRM QuickView for NetSuite does this all for you!

Along with advanced per-Customer Activity Metrics, there's also in-depth Order History functionality - View the last Opportunity, last Estimate, last Sales Order, last Invoice...all from the same place with CRM QuickView for NetSuite!

What does it look like?

Checkout the screen shot below from a real customer we have here at ERP Experts. Note that there's some missing information that is VERY apparent when looking at the Customer record. (Some information is blanked out to ensure Customer privacy)

CRM QuickView for NetSuite

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How handy would that be for your Sales Team to manage their Leads, Prospects and Customers?


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